Industrial Keys

INNOVATION manufacturing low-cost machine keys with best quality and dependability. Our machine key prices are reasonable compare other sellers.

Machine keys, also known as shaft keys, fasten shafts to gears, pulleys, couplings, wheels and similar parts. There are different types of keys. . Machine key stock lets you make your own machine keys, sawing these longer pieces into whatever size keys you need.

Our machine keys are made with SC45 carbon steel, Customer requirement alloy steel,Grade of stainless steel, Aluminum. Special tapping, drilling and heat treatment services are also available upon request. If you require a machine key size, type, or metal, please send us your desired machine key specifications with a drawing/diagram if possible and we will get back to you with a quote.

Parallel keys are stocked in C45k key steel having a minimum tensile strength of 60Kg/mm² and stainless steel grade A4. Our stock range is to DIN 6885A (2 round ends) and is made to minus tolerances (h9 on width and h11 on height). Inch sizes are stocked in BS 46 Type A (2 round ends) and are made to tolerances of International standards on both width and height. Square ended keys or keys with one round end and one square end are also available and are identified

Manufacturing located at our factory in Coimbatore INDIA ,Supply Domestic market and Exporting machine keys to the USA, Canada, Australia, China, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Manufacturing high-quality machine keys, we have earned the trust of its customers worldwide.


C45k key steel, C45k key steel having a minimum tensile strength of 60Kg/mm², alloy steel, Grade of stainless steel (SS 304, 316, 410), Aluminum, Customer Requirement

To Specify 

State the standard and type, width, height, length and material (Eg DIN 6885A 10 x 8 x 30 C45k) 

Use and Application of Our Products

1.    All types of automobiles and sub assemblies like engines, Gearbox, starters, alternators, fuel injection, brake compressors.
2. Electric motors, alternators, switch gears 
3. Machine tools
4. Gear boxes
5. All types of pumps
6. Textile machineries
7. Power tillers and tractors
8. Valves and allied products

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